In the Dominican Republic, weddings are a big family event. They are really a time once the couple spends time using their families so that they can turn into close and understand each other better.

Weddings are usually held in a community center, although they could be held at a private home or any other location that the groom and bride choose. The bride and groom usually have a Catholic priest officiate their ceremony, but they can also include a civil marriage with a administration official.


The processional is a special moment in time where the wedding couple walk throughout the avenue to their guests. This is a very particular moment designed for the few, and it is a time to enable them to show the love for every other.,1306173965,8/stock-photo-happy-interracial-couple-asian-teen-with-african-american-manfriend-77812969.jpg

Padrinos and Madrinas

Another important custom in the Dominican wedding is having padrinos and madrinas, or god parents. These are generally special individuals that will help the couple in their life and provides practical hints and tips, support, and friendship.


Beyond just the gifts which might be given by a wedding, other Dominican customs include gift ideas for the newlyweds. These can have the form of household things, jewelry, or cash. These products are usually provided to the few by their members of the family or good friends, but other people dominican brides may give them as well.

Aval (Tough Fortune Gold Coins)

One of the most well-known traditions in a Dominican wedding certainly is the Arras, or perhaps “tough luck” gold coins. This can be a tradition that requires 13 gold coins being placed on a yellow metal rack. The coins are therefore blessed by the priest, and they are passed to the bride and groom. It is actually believed that this will likely bring all the best towards the couple inside their new your life together.